Best Food Warmer and Cooker for your Snowmobile

snowmobile food warmer

How to cook your favorite meal while riding your snowmobile using a food warmer or cooker?

Do you like extreme sports? Are you a snowmobiling enthusiast? If the answer to this question is yes, then you might have encountered a big problem while snowmobiling. That is food.

We all know that you can spend hours and hours without even realizing it on this vehicle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take away your human needs while you are doing it. So today’s question is: what is the best food cooker for the snowmobile and what to do with it?

Why do you need this?

This is a question that I hear a lot. The answer is pretty obvious and those who have some experience with the snowmobile can probably figure it out. If you are riding on one of those, the chances are the temperatures are very low outside. After some hours of practicing, you might feel the need for a meal. What do you do?

You open your backpack and try to it what you prepared for yourself at home. You just remembered that you have some delicious sandwiches. Well, too bad. They aren’t anymore.

Depending on the weather, they might have turned into comestible rocks. Many people refuse to go on long snowmobile sessions or even go at all because of this. Food is a necessary need for the human and shouldn’t be skipped because of this little inconvenient.

There are a couple of ways to solve this, but only one of them is effective in my opinion. You can either try eating food that is made to be eaten cold. This is not an option because, after some snowboarding, your snacks will not be cold, but freezing.

The only option that we have left is the food cooker. It will not only heat your food but also cook it if you want. Make sure you read the whole article in order to find out more info.

People also try to cook meals using the snowmobile without any additional special products. I don’t suggest you do that. Although it might taste the same, the food will be exposed to the engine fumes. That will be very dangerous for your health. Spending some bucks on the product that I’m going to present very soon is 100% worth it.

How to choose the best food cooker

I’m going to tell you from the beginning that there aren’t too many good quality options on the market. That means you should stay away from any cheap products from stores like Walmart.

Always buy something that has some people reviews, they are the only one who can tell you the truth. There are also some indispensable characteristics that your snowmobile food cooker should have.

It must close completely, so the engine fumes will not enter it. You can wrap your food in aluminum foil just to make sure you avoid any bad situations.

Another thing you should watch out for is the size of it. If your favorite food doesn’t fit it, you might want to consider another one. The cleaning of some of them can be a nightmare, so it must be clean easily.

Difference between different brands or price brackets

The price should vary depending on the size and the characteristics which I’ve mentioned early. A very good product should allow you not only to warm precooked food but cook as well.

However, that is going to take a while. If you just want to heat it, it shouldn’t take too long. The average price is about 40 dollars. Don’t spend too much on it, because it will do exactly what the 40 dollar option will do.


There isn’t too much to say about this topic. The materials are pretty much the same. The recipient is made from stainless steel, and the base of it is aluminum. Just make sure that base of the one you are buying doesn’t turn black after some time. There are cheap low-quality materials that can even take fire, so don’t buy those.

How to use it

At first, you shouldn’t be to brave and abuse it. Stick to food warming instead of cooking. You need to get used to how long you should leave it under your hood. Also, the placement of it will make the difference between a food warmer and a food cooker. Obviously, the engine is going to get hot while you are driving.

Placing the food cooker near it will make the product reach high temperatures. You can install it over the clamshell at first, just to see how fast it will warm up food. After you get used to it, placing it near the Y pipe will result in some cooked food.

Another decisive factor is the amount of throttle you apply to the engine. This will make the engine warm up very quickly, so the food is going to get ready faster. When it smells like food, it probably means that is ready to be eaten.

Pre-cooked items are always the best choice when starting up. You can find those in any grocery store around you. It should take about 15 to 20 minutes to warm them up, and about 45 if they are frozen and you ride slowly.

If you want to cook basic meals with it, it will get messier. Why is that? Because you usually have to flip the food when it starts smelling. This means juices are going to spill everywhere, and you definitely don’t want that to happen. Also, you can’t cook everything. Don’t try soups or liquid foods, just because of the earlier reason. Big chunks of meat will not get cooked either.

Another great advice is to use your gloves when checking the food warmer. You will get burned if you don’t pay too much attention.

Which meals should you cook with it?

The famous meal among snowmobile enthusiasts is the hot dog. It looks very easy, and it is also delicious. Make sure you warm the bread a little as well, just to make it even better.

Pair that with some mustard and spices and you be ready for another round of snowmobiling in no time. It will provide approximately 300 calories that should make your hunger disappear.

The next food that most people love is pizza. However, you can’t fit a whole pizza in the recipient. About 3 slices should be enough. You can find a frozen pre-cooked pizza anywhere. Again, frozen foods will be harder to cook. Make sure you put the food warmer near the engine and apply the throttle for a while.

Another thing you can buy easily is fast food. Before you go snowmobiling, stop at your nearest fast-food. Grab everything you need and just put them in your bag. Once you feel you are hungry, place the food warmer where it doesn’t get too hot and place the food inside. This will take little time to warm up, so make sure you check it after about 10 minutes.

Frozen burritos can be a great meal as well if you are into them. Make sure you wrap them up in a foil first, so they can get cooked. They provide 434 calories, so only one of them can give you energy for a couple of hours.

If you don’t want to spend any more money on food, you can do a simple thing. Just pack what you had for dinner last night and put them in the food warmer. Make sure it is a food that tastes good even if it is reheated.

The best food warmer

I can’t give you a whole list of those, because there aren’t too many good products. The only one that is worth mentioning is the Muffpot. It is a very popular product among people that love snowmobiling. There are a lot of wannabes on the internet, but make sure you get the original one. It has a perfect size, in order to fit perfectly under the hood. It does have a stainless steel body.

You can find this on a bunch of different websites, including Amazon. Check current prices here. It only weighs 1 pound and its measurements are 13x12x4 inches. All people seem to love it.

Another great characteristic is that the mount is universal, so it will fit any snowmobile. You can install it in about 5 minutes, just by attaching it to the exhaust system from under the hood, using the special clamp that comes in the package.


In conclusion, food warmers are a great 40 dollar investment. You no longer have to worry about bad and cold meals. Just buy one of these, attach it really quickly, ride then eat whatever you like.

Get used to it at first and see how it works, then you can even try cooking. Don’t make your life too complicated by trying to cook 5 stars menus, but stick your favorite essentials. I told you everything about this product.

Now you have to tell me your opinions. Do you have a food warmer? How was your experience with it and is it worth it?

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