How long is a snowmobile? Will it fit in my trailer?

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I’m sitting here wondering if my new snowmobile will fit in/on my trailer or I need to buy a new one? The research began and, after checking a few forums, my snowmobile specs, and the trailer’s owners manual I found my answer. Now I will help you to get the answers to frequently asked questions that a new snowmobile owner may ask: how long is a snowmobile, how wide is a snowmobile, and if it fits in your trailer?

As there are different types of snowmobiles and different types of trailers I will try to give some different examples and show you how to find out if your snowmobile fits in/on the trailer or not.

Snowmobile dimensions

Looking at the snowmobile dimensions, there are 3 dimensions that we should be interested in:

  • Overall length – note that this is the full length of the snowmobile including the track and skis
  • Overall width – full width of the snowmobile
  • Overall height – full height including windshield
  • (Weight was discussed in another article) – Most normal cars or trucks will be able to tow at least 2 snowmobiles. Check the “How much does a snowmobile weigh” article.

As in my “How much does a snowmobile weigh” article, I took a look at the most popular snowmobiles in 2018. I took the overall length, width, and height from the specs in order to see how long and wide a normal, average snowmobile is. Let’s take a close look at these. Please note that some of the units are different (Metric vs Imperial system). I tried to put the measurements in both units. 1 ft = 12 inches, 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 10 mm = 1 cm, 100 cm = 1 meter.

Snowmobile overall length: 118.5 in / 3010 mm
Snowmobile overall width:  47.9 in / 1217 mm
Snowmobile overall height: 48.1 in / 1222 mm


Snowmobile overall length: 114 in / 2896 mm
Snowmobile overall width: 47 in / 1194 mm
Snowmobile overall height: 46 in / 1168 mm

This is the third most popular snowmobile according to the data, but apologies, I couldn’t find the specs for this.

Snowmobile overall length: 11.67 ft / 3557 mm
Snowmobile overall width: 43.7 in / 1,110 mm
Snowmobile overall height: 53.5 in / 1,359 mm

Snowmobile overall length: 129 in / 3,275 mm
Snowmobile overall width: 44.9-46.5 in / 1,140-1,180 mm
Snowmobile overall height: 53.5 in /1,359 mm

Snowmobile overall length: 114 in / 2896 mm
Snowmobile overall width: 48 in / 1219 mm
Snowmobile overall height: 48 in / 1219 mm

7. Arctic Cat ZR 8000 ES 137
Snowmobile Overall Length: 121 in/ 3073.4 mm
Snowmobile Overall Width: 47.75 in / 1212.9 mm
Snowmobile overall Height: 49 in / 1244.6 mm

8. POLARIS 800 PRO-RMK 155
Snowmobile Overall Length: 131 in / 3327.5 mm
Snowmobile Overall Width:  46.5 in / 1181 mm
Snowmobile overall Height: 49.125 in / 1247 mm

Snowmobile Overall Length: (FT/MM) 9.37 / 2856 mm
Snowmobile Overall Width: (IN/MM) 47.3 / 1202 mm
Snowmobile overall Height: (IN/MM) 47.6 / 1209 mm

Snowmobile Overall Length:  119 in / 3021 mm
Snowmobile Overall Width:  47.9 in / 1217 mm
Snowmobile overall Height: 47.6 in / 1210 mm

How long is a snowmobile trailer?

The usual sizes for snowmobile trailers or trailers general range from 8ft to 14ft. The usual sizes specifically are 8, 10, 12, and 14 feet. These will be good for one or two snowmobiles. If you want something for four snowmobiles you will need to go with a 22-foot long, 84″ wide trailer at the minimum. This should be good for most 4 x 155 in sleds. If you have a 7×29 ft triple axle, you won’t have problems squeezing in 4 snowmobiles. At these sizes, you may consider getting a strong truck to pull the trailer without problems.

What trailer size do I need for two snowmobiles?

snowmobile open trailerIf your snowmobile has reverse gear it’s easier to put it on a trailer because you don’t need the front ramp. Obviously, the answer depends on the snowmobiles’ lengths. If you want to fit two snowmobiles on the same trailer you will need at least a 12-foot long by 7-foot wide trailer. I would recommend getting a 14-foot one because you will have some extra space for the gear.

If your trailer has v-nose, that can add another 4-5 feet compared to the flat front. For example, a 09 XP Summit X which has 154 in facing forward can fit together with a 06 Rev Summit X, which has 151″ facing backward in a 14-foot trailer box with V nose. The XP Summit X is parked at the beginning of the V nose, and the 06 Rev Summit X is placed near the back door. This is an easy fit as this configuration will leave enough space for gear behind the two snowmobiles. You can even back in the 06 Rev Summit X towards the front side to get more space.

Many people load the snowmobiles in the trailer through the V nose with both snowmobiles facing the rear of the trailer. The better way is to load the snowmobiles through the rear. This will give more storage space and room for gear. You can even walk through the snowmobiles with this configuration.

You can get a snowmobile ramp like this (link to Amazon) to load your snowmobiles.

Will 2 snowmobiles fit in a 6×12 ft trailer?

144 in snowmobiles will fit in most 12-foot trailers, but probably you will have to back one in. 7×14 foot trailers, on the other hand, can easily fit even 162 in ones.  You can try to load them through the front door facing backward. Put the first snowmobile in the back of the trailer and push the second one far enough to swing the end into the V nose. As the back of the snowmobile is narrower, you can get the needed space from there. If you measure the snowmobiles and think it’s too tight of a fit, you may want to get the 14-foot trailer.  Then you’d have one problem off your hands.

10-foot or 12-foot Trailer?

With a 10-foot trailer, you can carry most snowmobiles. A 136″ or 144″ one will likely fit in an enclosed trailer of 12 feet or with a 10-foot one with V nose. You can compare the length of the snowmobile to the trailer size. If you choose an open trailer (an option which I do recommend), you can hang the snowmobile a bit over the edge if it’s too large. With an enclosed trailer, it must be a perfect match. So be careful before buying an enclosed trailer.

What size trailer do I need for two snowmobiles?

It depends on the length of the snowmobile, but if you want to be sure, go ahead and buy a 14-foot trailer. It will save you some trouble because, even if the two snowmobiles fit in the 12-footer, it’s very tight, and you will have to back one into it. For example, if you have a 14 foot with 5-foot V nose, you can fit two 144 TZ1 Cats in there, which is 131 x 48 inches. If the snowmobile has a wide ski stance, you need to back it in. Place the first one in the V nose and back the other in gently. If you try to load both from the front, it will be very tight where the second sleds ski comes up to the first snowmobile’s belly pan.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 4×8 foot trailer?

Is a 4×8 foot trailer big enough for snowmobile? I was trying to find the answer to this question when I was trying to get a smaller trailer for my snowmobile. It will be right to the edge of the trailer, but it will be just fine if it doesn’t hang over/outside the edge. Just make sure you strap it down. I actually have a 10-foot open trailer because I chose to have a little extra space.
128 inches or 3250 mm (3.2 meters) is usually the length limit for an 8-foot trailer. 

If we talk about enclosed trailers, without having a V nose it will be hard to find a snowmobile that will fit well. Although, measure the particular snowmobile model length and compare it to an 8-foot trailer to see the exact answer. I always prefer open trailers just because it’s more flexible. Of course, they do have some disadvantages too.

A friend asked me if his snowmobile with a 144 in track can fit on his 8-foot trailer. As the distance from ski tip to the rear of the snowmobile is about 10 feet, the answer is yes. It will hang off a bit, but it’s not a problem. If you have an enclosed trailer, on the other hand, it won’t work. As long as it’s tied well to the trailer or pickup truck, the snowmobile can hang in the air a bit. I have seen snowmobiles sticking way out the back of a trailer.

Will a snowmobile fit on a 5×10 foot trailer?

You will need to measure it, but make sure you get an open trailer. In an enclosed trailer you won’t be able to fit a snowmobile longer than the trailer.

Will the snowmobile fit in my truck?

If you don’t have a trailer yet but you have a truck, maybe you can save some money. Most small snowmobiles used by beginners will fit in a truck if strapped properly. As long as it doesn’t overhang and it’s strapped well, you can fit it easily. Measure your trunk length and compare it to your snowmobile’s length.

Remember the google trick: search “[your_snowmobile_model] specs”. As I suggest for trailers, getting a foldable ramp is the way to go. You will easily load and unload the snowmobile without any trouble. As it’s foldable, you can easily fit it next to the snowmobile when you finish loading. I tried once with a “hand-made” impromptu wood ramp, and it wasn’t fun.

What if I buy a new snowmobile?

If you don’t have a snowmobile yet, you may wonder if it will fit in the trailer you already have. Or, maybe you don’t have a trailer at all, which is good because then you can buy one to fit the snowmobile. If you want to find out how long and wide your snowmobile is, simply google “[model_name] specs”. I can find the length, width, and height for 95% of snowmobiles using this method.

Now, if it is an enclosed trailer, pick a larger one so the sled can fit well. If it’s open, you can fit it easily and a part of it (make sure it’s less than half of it!) can hang. So, look at the length and width for the open trailer and also the height for the enclosed trailer.

What should closed snowmobile trailer width be?

It depends on the trailer.  Does it have a V nose or not? With a 7×20 foot V-nose, you can easily fit 2 snowmobiles. If it’s at least 8ft wide, you can also fit two snowmobiles fairly easy.

The tie-breakers are:

  • 7′ or 8′ wide
  • V-nose / No V-Nose
  • Long / Short Tracks

You might consider getting a 7×20 foot trailer if you have long tracks, and the trailer doesn’t have V-nose.

For example, in a 6 x 14 foot Single Axle with V-nose, you can fit 2 Skidoo Renegade snowmobiles in without any issues. That means a 12-foot trailer with another 2 feet from the V-nose will do it.  Load the first one in frontwards and back the second one in after.

A Summit 154″ will fit together with a Skidoo Renegade in a 7×12 foot trailer with a 24″ V-Nose.

Also, 2 full-length Summits will easily go in a 7×14 foot trailer, and you will even have extra space for gear and tools.

Can 3 Snowmobiles fit on a 12′ Trailer?

I haven’t done this myself, so I will tell you what others say. I think the real catch will be the width of the trailer. If you have an 8.5 ft wide open trailer, you may stand a chance. You probably need to do it this way: put two up to the front and push the back ends out so they look like a ‘V’ sitting on the trailer. After that, push the third sled on between them. It will overhang by about 2 feet, but it should be ok.  You may probably want to read more opinions here.

Should I consider getting a snowmobile ramp?

You can get a folding ramp that will help you enormously in general and specifically with fitting your snowmobile in the trailer. And, because it’s foldable, it won’t take much space. Check out our recommendations here.

The ramp is very easy to move and set up. It fits in the back of your car to transport. However, before getting one, make sure you have a practical place to attach it to your trailer. I found that the ramp will fit most trailers, but who knows.

Take a look at the attachment system and your trailer to see if it fits. You can see below in the video how the ramp is attached to the trailer. It’s not that difficult and can save you a lot of time and struggle. My favorite is the Loading Ramp Center Extension Track from Amazon.

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